About Us

Radiating & Reflecting Light

Photography involves capturing images by recording light or electromagnetic waves of energy chemically or electronically. On the other hand, imagery pertains to using descriptive language that evokes our senses and expresses ideas. When combined, photographic imagery is produced, which is the focus of Luma Image.

Luma Image specializes in showcasing unique floral and wildlife photographic imagery through three options: acrylic, backlit, and metal. Acrylic Luma Images are created using premium digital acrylic, providing a clean, stylish look with vivid colors. Backlit Luma Images allow light to pass through the image, creating a stunning display of detail and color. Finally, Metal Luma Images are infused with dye-sublimation on high-definition metal for exceptional image clarity and durability.

The floral collection at Luma Image features a wide range of flowers, from waterlilies to roses to sunflowers, each with vibrant colors brought to life through photographic imagery. The wildlife collection showcases animals such as elephants, jaguars, and cheetahs. Every detail is captured to make you feel like you were in the photo, experiencing the beauty of nature and wildlife.