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Immerse yourself in an exciting collection of photographs that showcase the beauty and diversity of the world through the lens of Jane Cetrangolo. Each image on this website is a testament to Jane's passion for photography and exceptional skill in capturing detail, color, and composition.

Our Photographer: Jane Cetrangolo

Meet Jane Cetrangolo, a remarkable photographer whose unique vision and creativity set her work apart. With a deep love for nature, Jane's photography is a vibrant mix of artistic expression and a genuine appreciation for the natural world. Her work is alive with vivid colors, intricate textures, and a sense of depth that draws you into every frame.

Join us on an adventure as we explore Jane's photographic journey, which has taken her to some of the most beautiful and remote locations around the globe:

  • The Pantanal, Brazil: Home to elusive jaguars in their natural wetland habitat.
  • Alaska, USA: Majestic brown bears and playful cubs in rugged landscapes.
  • South Africa and Botswana: The iconic Big Five in their natural African environments.
  • India: Dense forests with majestic tigers and sloth bears.
  • Sri Lanka: Rich biodiversity with elusive leopards adding to Jane's Big Cat photography collection.
  • The Himalayas: Snowy landscapes offering a rare glimpse of snow leopards.

Luma Image also showcases a collection of floral images by Jane Cetrangolo. Each image highlights the unique beauty and features of different flowers and describes the symbolism and feelings associated with them.

Luma Image stands out with Jane's distinctive style, blending realism with a touch of surrealism. Her play with light and shadows and meticulous attention to detail turn her photographs into authentic art pieces, often with a dreamlike quality that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

At Luma Image, we're dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality, visually stunning, and emotionally resonant images. Each photograph is carefully selected and edited to meet our strict standards of excellence.

Special Mention: Kevin Dooley

We are fortunate to have the guidance of Kevin Dooley, a renowned wildlife photographer and guide. He leads expeditions to remote destinations, where Jane captures her stunning wildlife photos. Kevin's expertise and passion for wildlife photography have been crucial to Jane's success. To learn more about Kevin and his tours, visit www.idubephotosafaris.com.

Kevin Dooley on Jane Cetrangolo:

"I have had the pleasure of traveling the world with Jane for several years. Her dedication to photography is astounding. Her images are amazing, full of life, story, and artistic inspiration. Jane's photography carries the impact that not only sets her work apart from the bulk of photography, it sticks with you and digs down deep with both emotion and lasting impact. Very few photographers can create an image that stops you in your tracks, calls upon your deepest feelings and emotions, and leaves you with a sense of great satisfaction. Jane's photography does all this and more."

Dive into our collection and experience the world through the unique perspective of Jane Cetrangolo. Whether looking for art to adorn your walls or seeking inspiration for your next adventure, Luma Image is your gateway to a world of beauty and excitement!