Luma Images are
all original art.

Dynamic Imagery with
Classic CompositionPhotography is the science and art of creating durable images.  Imagery, on the other hand, is the vivid descriptive language that appeals to our five senses of sight, taste, touch, scent, and hearing. This also expresses ones thoughts and ideas, effectively making scenery that anyone can picture in their minds eye. When these two are put together, this result is the beautiful art of photographic imagery.
This is Luma Image.

Luma Image is a new kind of artistic print that will bring an alluring level of light and beauty to any interior design. In every Luma Image, each detail is beautifully illuminated adding extra dimension and clarity.  Luma Images bring beauty and tranquility to any space.

Luma Images are printed on premium digital acrylic or dye sublimated on high definition metal with incredible resolution and detail. Each image is finished with your choice of frame, standoff or float mounting solution.

Here at Luma Image, we showcase distinctive photographs depicting unique imagery of floral and scenic art. In the images, each detail is beautifully illuminated, with a distinctive style of detail, clarity and light.

How are Luma Images different from traditional photos?

Acrylic printed with UV ink has incredible resolution with an eye-popping clarity of color and light. Acrylic also has wonderful UV protection. Metal prints have remarkable resolution and durability providing the ultimate in vibrancy and clarity. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide a durable, long lasting print medium.

We have a variety of packages available to meet your property's special requirements. Please email with your general or specific interests for pricing and options.

There are times in your business with your everyday activities, you tend to forget to appreciate the beauty which is around you. With your focus on the papers on your desk, you donít have the time anymore to draw the blinds and open your windows to actually witness what nature is offering you as a refreshing scene.

We at Luma Image understand you. We give you the chance to enjoy this floral and scenic beauty at your own property. Indeed, we capture such great images and print them on premium optically clear acrylic and high definition metal so that the colors and vividness of the image are intact.


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